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Butterfly Bungalow

$25.00 $39.99

Raise and release beautiful butterflies, from start to finish! With the Butterfly Bungalow, you’ll witness the amazing transformation from caterpillar, to chrysalis, to butterfly–in your very own home. Simply follow the instructions on the caterpillar certificate to receive your caterpillars, then watch as they cocoon in the habitat and emerge as Painted Lady Butterflies. The included chrysalis log makes caring for these incredible creatures simple. And, with the included magnifying glass, you’ll see every amazing step in detail. The nitty-gritty: Butterfly habitat with outer pocket, plastic chrysalis log, magnifying glass, and activity guide. Includes caterpillar certificate for live caterpillars (consumer pays postage). Reusable mesh habitat folds easily for storage. Perfect for STEM learning through scientific exploration

Age: 3 years+

Product Size (cm): 29.5(L)x23.9(W)x6.4(H)