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Don’t Kill The Bugs - Hard Cover



Bugs are all around us, and with a simple mantra—be kind, don’t kill!—children ages 3–7 can all be everyday heroes for the creatures with whom we share our world.

Follow Bu and his new friends as they spend a lovely day adventuring through the park, encountering creatures who crawl and buzz all around us—bugs! From spiders and ladybugs to bees and beetles, this story shows kids that every living creature deserves our kindness and compassion. Kids learn to be still while a bee is buzzing and help a beetle that is trapped in water.
Due to their small size, bugs are some of the first living beings that children come into contact with that they have control over. This book presents a clear and practical discussion of how we can live peacefully together with these creatures.
Through these thoughtful interactions, they can see that these creatures aren’t scary at all, and we can coexist with them.