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Yellow Door - Leaves Sensory Stones


This beautiful set of 12 leaves in seasonal tones will help grow children’s imagination and curiosity about the natural world. Designed for outdoor learning and investigative play, these leaves are durable enough to be used in water, soil, mud and play clay, and easily cleaned! Wonderfully sensory, the details can be felt as well as seen. Children will delight in making imprints in play clay and taking rubbings using wax crayons.

These tactile leaves provide lots of play and learning opportunities: Stand them up to create inviting woodland scenery props or hide them in a box with real leaves for the children to find and describe. By observing the tonal and tactile attributes, children will benefit from a stimulating sensory experience, allowing them to enrich their descriptive vocabulary by discussing the similarities and differences they notice.

Set of 12 stones consisting of six pairs of leaves with seasonal tones. Leaves included from the following trees: apple, beech, cherry, maple, oak and silver birch. Made from a durable stone and resin mix. Approximate height 55–85mm / 2–3⅓”. Safe for children Age 2+