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Yellow Door - Let's Roll Transport


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These engaging rollers offer an inspired way for children to explore different modes of transport. Ideal to provoke curiosity as they discover the different patterns and tire treads, and to spark conversations about caring for our world through sustainable forms of travel.
Children will enjoy taking imaginary journeys as they roll and stamp urban and rural forms of transport into play dough, clay or sand. Count the footsteps made by the pedestrian, develop storytelling skills featuring magical journeys, and extend language skills considering where the tracks lead…
Children will develop fine motor skills as they experiment using varying amounts of pressure and rolling in different ways. As they roll their favorite ways to travel, the tactile patterns created provide lots of opportunities to talk and develop vocabulary.
The set includes: train & railway track, car and two treads, bicycle and single track, plane & contrails, tractor & two tracks, and pedestrian & footprints. Made from a durable stone mix, each set contains six rollers each measuring 2¾ x 1⅜” and are easy to clean. Age 2+.